"Triple Threat" Dance Leotard (White)

$ 34.00

Find the three things that make you a triple threat! Writing, singing, dancing, directing, acting, management, casting... it's hard to pick three when you're a Broadway Ninja! 

Triple Threat = Broadway Ninja! 

  • Cotton/Spandex Jersey 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Medium is approximately 38 3/8” (97.5cm) in total length
  • U-neckband
  • Brief cut leg opening
  • Form-fitting
  • White with Grey Design 

Modeled by Cassie Silva Instagram: @CassieMSilva  |  Snapchat//Cassie Silva  |  Twitter: @CassieMSilva  |  cassiesilva.com  |  Facebook: Cassie Silva