FFB Apparel is an expression of the messages cultivated on Jane Jourdan’s blog, Fit for Broadway, which celebrates the unique combination of Broadway, Fitness, & Health. The community of Fit for Broadway is the underlying inspiration for creating an apparel that speaks to the heart of performers. 

 This first collection of tanks and t-shirts is just one of the ways Jane hopes to encourage an empowering attitude towards following your dreams. 

 The creative team of Evan Dewalt, Tynan Daniels, and Cole Arutian brought this vision from a few jumbled words in iPhone notes to these unique pieces of empowerment. Modeled by Broadway performers, Adam Jepsen, Paloma Garcia Lee, and Courtney Reed, this line represents finding and spreading your inner light. Special thanks to Jacob Smith for capturing the essence of this collection— joy, positive energy, and a deep unwavering inner strength. 

 My wish for you…That you find peace in your heart and strength in your step so that your gentled mind can reach for the things you need to follow your dreams. xx, Jane